Everything You Need to Become a Profitable Real Estate Investor… (Without Owning Real Estate)

BNB Formula shows you a new way to leverage real estate. Enjoy the perks of being a real estate investor – without the need to own property.

Thousands of people from around the globe have now completed our training and become “BNBr’s”. So why not you? If you’d like to know how to build your own home sharing business, without the need to own property, we’re here for you!

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“Airbnb Is An Economic Revolution That Is Quietly Turning Millions Of People Into Part-Time Entrepreneurs”



BNB Formula students have access to world class training as well as mentoring and support from our support team and BNB coaches that is necessary to launch and scale a profitable short term rental business.

BNB Formula offers the leading online education, customized tools, and direct live coaching to help students launch and scale. We built this company with the philosophy that those who are ahead help those who are behind, with our former students now coaching new students towards success. Are you ready to join us?

The Formula

The BNB formula business model allows ambitious entrepreneurs to build a business on their own terms. Start today and learn how you can change your own financial future.

Traditional Real Estate

While traditional real estate investing has it’s benefits, it requires credit in order to secure mortgages, downpayments of 10-20% on investment properties, as well as the headaches and challenges of renting to tenants.

The BNB Formula

The BNB Formula forgoes owning properties in exchange for scale. Rather than investing 20% into one property, the same amount can control 5-10 properties without the need for credit or long term tenants. Whether you plan to own properties or not, this formula should be a part of every real estate investor’s plan.


The short term rental industry has experienced exceptional growth and is showing no signs of slowing.












The numbers you see above represent bookings, of which 97% go directly to the hosts on platforms like Airbnb. Join today and get your piece of this XXXX dollar pie.

Start Part Time and Go NO Time

There’s no need to quit your current job to start winning with BNB Formula. Most of our students set aside part time hours each week to find and list properties with our help. Once we teach them how to automate and outsource the day to day management of their listings, those hours can be reduced in order to make this business more passive. Our students enjoy not just the financial rewards but also the time to enjoy them.

Four Steps to the Formula

We teach a very simple formula that can be followed, regardless of your experience. This process can be duplicated and repeated across multiple properties, allowing the business to be scaled.


Using our property leads and over a dozen different methods for locating properties, the first step is identifying the best properties in your area so you can make them your own BNBs.


We show you why owners are excited to lease you properties to list and earn from on Airbnb as well as how to partner with owners to eliminate the need for a lease all together.


Once the property is ready, our Formula shows you the very best way to ensure you earn the most from every guest, lock in high reviews and fill your calendar each month.


The final step is outsourcing and automating the business by leveraging a virtual assistant and online services with the ultimate goal to reduce the amount of time required to manage the business.

As Featured In...

"In two words it's been life changing"

Within 15 minutes of pressing the button to list our first unit on Airbnb it was booked for 21 days straight. We're now running six units and we have a plan to have 20 this year. In two words it's been life changing."

Shehab Helmy Dallas, TX

"I got my fifth property and I was able to quit working for other people"

I knew that I had finally succeeded when I got my fifth property and I was able to quit working for other people. Realizing that I never had to wake up and work for someone else ever again was amazing.

Tia Bailey Snohomish, WA

"This is really working. I can see myself being wealthy"

I'm retired Air Force. We've got seven units now This is really working. We have a goal of getting at least 50 properties next year. That's life changing income for us. I can really see myself being wealthy.

Duren Harmon Upper Marlboro, MD

"I was looking for a way to retire"

I wasn’t sure how I was going to retire, but I was able to get three properties I don’t own on Airbnb. Now I’m sure my kids are happy they won’t have to take care of me.

David Gilmore Loganville, GA

"We thought there was no way this would work in a small town"

We live in a small town of 78,000 people and thought there's no way Airbnb would work here. We’re happy to report we now have multiple listings on the site.

Seth & Jake Foor Bloomington, IL


    House Hackers With Brian Page

    To make money in real estate, sometimes you need to think outside the box. We’ll show a handful of beginners how to profit with short term rentals using properties they don’t own. From how to locate the right place, to getting owners on board, staging for guests, and listing online. In a town they’ve never seen, pitching people they’ve never met, they will need to prove they have what it takes to become a House Hacker.

    “Airbnb Is An Economic Revolution That Is Quietly Turning Millions Of People Into Part-Time Entrepreneurs”


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