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Below you’ll find the stories of hundreds of people from around the world who have completed our training and changed their lives in the process. Curious if our training works? We’ll let our students’ stories speak for themselves.

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“I saw my month end and it was the same as what I had been making on a full time job with 20 years experience. I knew at that moment this is what I should be doing.”


Sacramento, CA

David was looking for a way to retire and was scared to take action. But now he has three properties. He says his kids no longer need to worry about him in retirement.

David G

Loganville, GA

“To this date we have 3 active listings…it’s insane, I’m my own boss. You rock dude…I don’t know where I would be without this course.”


Winthrop, ME

“We’ve earned our money back tenfold. So if you’re concerned about doing it just do it, you won’t regret it.”


Union, NJ

“I’ve purchased many various real estate education courses and this is by far the best value out there.”

Dmitry F

Farmington Hills, MI

Located four properties in just four months. Now he doesn’t have to work a traditional job.



A nanny with no prior business experience who now has three listings online. She now has time to travel and see the world.

Karen L

Warrington, England

Experienced hosts who were struggling to scale their business. Joined the BNB Formula and now have 4 listings.

Aaron & Corrine

Surfers Paradise, Queensland, AUS

“Realizing that I never had to wake up and work for someone else ever again was amazing. How many 27 year olds do you know who can do that?”

Tia B

Snohomish, WA

Monica proves that this formula works even in the largest cities. She has three listings in Los Angeles.

Monica M

Los Angeles, CA

Retired from the Air Force, Duren now has SEVEN units online. He calls the business “life changing.”

Duren H

Upper Marlboro, MD

“Brothers from a small town who decided to become BNBr’s. Got their first two units in one building right after completing our training!

Seth & Jake

Bloomington, IL


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